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I lost a small brown leather back pack with Peruvian textiles around the center.
I took a cab from 151 Tremont street to 373 Commonwealth avenue at around 5:40 am on Friday morning, 12/16/16.
508 367 4319 Elizabeth Riva
I would like to post a reward for phone & wallet Samsung Grand prime & wallet $400.00 reward my id is Keith Migell 617-923-8457 land line also text 617-458-2529
I left a white Apple brand shopping bag in a taxi last night. What are the next steps? It had clothes, a colorful robe, jeans, a flannel shirt etc. please advise. Cash reward will be given
Thank you,
I have lost two phones in a taxi from Downtown Boston (200 Berkeley St ) to the airport. One is galaxy 6 and one is an iPhone 6 with a cracked corner. please contact if found
Looking for Fuji camera in black cover. Took cab from Parker Omni house hotel Boston to The Charles Hotel in Cambridge Ma on 9/10/2016. Many sentimental pictures. Thank you.
I lost my Passport in a taxi from Logan Airport to Commercial Street in the North End. It has extra pages and my name and Marietta, Georgia address. Please contact me if found!!! 404-435-9667
I left my passport in a Boston cab from Boston Logan Airport to Harvard Law School yesterday - it was in a black passport case with a pen and other documents in my name (Ian Simester) in it. Please contact me if it's found!
I left a small black bag with a red zipper in a cab last night 8/5/16, cab from Boston Logan terminal E to 10 Westminster Ave in Watertown, MA.
My life is there, drivers license, cards, passport, phone. I am lost.
I lost my phone in a Boston cab yesterday July 12th. Phone was a dark blue Samsung Galaxy s6 edge plus with no case on it. The taxi was taking me from the airport to 277 Babcock avenue. The time was 4 o clock. The driver was a older man. He was african.
Said he was from Eritrea. If anyone has any information please contact me at this email or call 2563372553. Thank you
I arrived in Boston last night and am staying at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel on Tremount Street Boston.
I left my mobile phone and Credit Cards which are in the phone cover in the taxi when I left along with my driving licence.
Jason Hill
I'm inquiring about my Irish passport and green card that I may have left in a taxi from Logan airport on May 10, 2016 the driver of my taxi was from Haiti A lovely man.
Can you please contact me if it got handed in thank you.
Johanna Bateman
I left a brown Gund teddy bear of great sentimental value in a cab from the Omni Parker House to Reservoir St. in Cambridge in the late AM of Mar.16. It may have fallen out of a tote bag either in the back seat or the trunk. or 617-354-0539
I have lost my Iphone six plus. It is white and has a black and blue case on it. I lost it on the night of 5/14/2016. Please email me at this email if you have it so I can pick it up please!
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I left my large luggage in a taxi (bigger van) Wed. 5/4/16 10:15pm from Logan airport to Quincy (Granger st). It was a red canvas bag. If found call Shawn at 617-784-2157. Thanks!
Yesterday May 2nd I left on one of the below taxi car a mobile phone ( blackberry brend )
I took these taxi services:
Fifta street tax - cab # 0891 - hack 16661
Amf taxi inc. - cab # 0148
Ambassador brattle cab
+ 39 393 918 8261
Thank you
I lost my blue bag in a taxi from Quincy Market at around 7 pm to Newbury street (Nike Store). There a ID card, credit card, a car key, some cash and a camera. Please help!
My name is Kaijiao Qiang, and my email is
On Saturday Evening,4/30/16, on a trip from Downtown to Allston I left a pair of Oakley sunglasses in my cab. They are black with red lenses, I was wondering if anyone turned them in.
I took a taxi from the Boylston St. taxi stand across from Prudential Center at around 9:20 this AM (April 27, 2016) to 26 Central Street in Somerville. I left my black wallet in the cab—it had several $1 bills and my AARP card.
My return email is
I left my wallet in a taxi Friday 3/18/16 from North End to Eliot Hotel. Denim Louis Vuitton Monogram zip around. Christina Cragg 4435715476. Need ID to fly home, please,help.
I left a black leather purse with a twist clasp in the back seat of a minivan taxi cab. Inside the purse is a roller perfume, and inside the inner pocket should be a Discover credit card and hopefully a New Jersey license.
Navy blue bag left in cab on Feb 16
Picked up cab around 12:30 Feb 16 going to Medford. Navy blue tote bag was zipped up.
left in a taxi evening of 1/23/16 - white Samsung galaxy S3 - ride was from Terminal B at Logan to corner of Hyde Park Ave and Blakemore in Roslindale - if found call Joe at 617-953-6029
I left my passport (South Korea) on a Boston Taxi on Jan 20th 2:43pm going from Logan airport to Harvard Square.
It was in a white duty free plastic bag.
Please help if it is found. My contact number is 857 500 3495.
My name is Fuminobu Satoh. Lost SONY phone in cab from Logan airport to Courtyard Marriott Woburn arrived 8pm Jan10,2016. Cab number said “x877”(e.g.1877 or 0877). Please call 781-856-3951(Mr. Silva) if you found.
I lost my wallet in a Boston cab on Saturday night around 10am. We were picked up in the Boston common area on tremont st (I believe) and were dropped off on L Street in south Boston. It's a small red and white Kate Spade wallet with my license, cards
I lost my black wallet in a cab on New Year's day morning. I think it was about 4am when I got picked up from downtown Boston and then dropped off in Brighton.
Ryan Moss
I lost an iphone on a night out on 22nd November. I left the wild rover bar - 61 Chatham St, Boston, MA 02109 at about 2am.
The phone is in a black case/cover - the wallpaper is a picture of london and the medical ID should mention my name - oliver turpin
I left a brown wallet in the cab Friday night after leaving the Fenway area and heading to South Boston. Please contact my cell number 508-873-8666
-Russell McKinnon
I left two large reusable bags in a cab last night. The cab drove me from 468 Commonwealth Ave to 279 west 3rd street. The bags had two large wrapped gifts in two separate reusable bags.
They are a wedding shower and wedding gift from my friend.
Lost wallet on 11/8 in a cab. Picked up at South Station and dropped off near Bunker Hill on Saint Martin St.
Wallet has a money clip inside and $60-80 in cash.
Large black suitcase left in trunk of cab at the curb at Logan's terminal B, American Airlines departure.
The cab company name is unfamiliar: ANH.
The hotel near which I took this cab doesn't know of this cab company name.
Thanks in advance for any help.
I was in a taxi cab last night and I lost my phone. It's an iPhone 6 with a red cover. Please let me know if it turns up!

My name is Katherine Mills and the lock screen is a picture of a friend and I sitting on steps.
lost wallet in a taxi when getting off at McCornick&Schmick's on Market St. around 8:00PM on Sunday 9/13. Please email, if found.
I lost my Samsung s4 mini in a metro cab on Saturday 22/08/15. I jumped into a cab at Calafornia Pizza near Prudential Centre/Heynes Convention centre with a friend and we were dropped of at Hyatt Regency hotel in Cambridge.
The phone is black
My friend just came from Boston Logan airport and forgot to pick up his laptop bag from taxi. The driver dropped him to 39 Higgins Street, Boston, MA 02134. He has all his documents in that bag. Can you guys help us track the bag?
My 11 old son left his loved backpack I a taxi (like a Van) in Boston on Monday August 3rd. It picked us up @ the aquarium around 5 pm and drop us @ the duck bus by the museum of science. It has pretty much kid's stuff. My email
Hi - I am missing an iPhone 6 in a pink case. It was lost in a taxi on Saturday night. The cab picked us up from the south station area and dropped us to the lower mills area. thank you.

Christina M. Holder
(857) 719-6759
Lost Nikon d-7100 camera on July 5.
Picked up cab at Atlantic fish co. To Club Quarters on Devonshire from 6:00 to 6:20 PM. Pictures of cruise from Montreal to Boston. Serial number 2564882.
$9.00 Fare.
Tom Zurosky. 11916 Modena Lane Orlando, FL 32827.
Lost Olympus Om-D
Atlantic Cab #1360, on June 30, @7:00 approx going from In at Londover (Boston's Children Hospital) to
Neptunes Oyster on 63 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113.
Reward if found. or 202-556-3656. Thanks.
I lost my pair of blue, Dre Beats Solo headphones in the early hours of 6/26. The cab dropped me off right next to Andrew square on Dorchester avenue. Please respond to this email if found!
Hi I have lost my passport on one of the cab I took last Sunday morning at 2 am the name on the passport is hoang nguyen please check for me
I accidentally left my wallet in the back of a cab sometime between when I was picked up at the corner of Hanover Street and Commercial Street in the North End and dropped of on Broadway in Somerville. It was a black Coach wallet with cash, cards
Greetings. Lost a blue bag with computer inside on 5/30 in a ride form china town to Hynes convention center. Hack # 9027, cab# B1500. I can be reached at 617-999-4922 and email above. HELP please
Sony camera bag lost
I left a camera in a cab in Cambridge at 8:45am this morning. I took it from The Kingston off 665 Washington in Boston.
Randy Smith
I left my laptop bag in a Boston taxi containing my laptop among others items. It is black and thin.Please call 5087339129 if found.
I lost a purple leather Lululemon bag on Friday night in a taxi from Clery’s to South Boston. Best number to reach me at is (978)460-1153. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Olivia Reed
I lost my backpack containing an Indian Passport and macbook pro 13 in a mini suv cab while traveling from Airport blue line to Northampton street on 17th April around 1:30am. Reward will be given.
Lost black wallet and shoes in cab in south Boston on Saturday April 12. Please contact if found.
Lost grey canvas/brown leather satchel in white van cab going from Logan Intl to Millennium Bostonian Fri Apr 3 5pm. Contained 13" macbook pro w purple hard shell w stickers "NO FUN"/"YNOT", Nexus 5, camera, copy of Kafka on the Shore. Please email!
iPhone 5s, purple and pink otterbox case on April 1st 2015 at 1 pm on way to airport. Honeymoon pictures on phone, Can't reach driver.
Cab: 1701 Hack: 5246
Thank you,
Loren Archibeque
cab 0435 i left my iPhone 4 in a cab, took the ride from bean town pub to the north end by pizza regina. If found email at Ill pay for the cab ride for you to come drop it off
Left my iphone in a cab tongiht. got dropped off at the Garden at 8.30 pm
White and gold iPhone 5s with turquoise otter box lost in cab 2/24 at 1:15am. If found contact 8054230238
I lost a black fold up wallet and i was in cab 0083 Tuesday night 3/17/15 approximately 7:00 pm. If found please contact me at or 617-959-1905.
I lost my wallet in a cab going to Lechmere from Boston U around midnight on Saturday, Feb 21. It has a Zelda triforce pattern, Harvard-Pilgrim card for Sam Richardson, and some cash incl. a $50 bill. Please email if found!
I left an iPhone in a gold and pink case in a taxi cab (unknown number) on 2/21/2015. Please contact 4402636684 if found!
I left my wallet -small, black-and- white bicycle pattern- in the backseat of a cab at around 6am Sunday morning, Feb. 22. My name is Casey. Please let me know if anyone has found it. My number is 908-343-6559.
Thank you.
Casey S.
Lost Sony Experia Phone Z1s (black) in a boston cab last night 022015 .dont remember the cab company but it was a white city cab van. In the financial district area. 508 373 3701 please call tha number if u find it
lost my backpack at metro-cap and gloves. My name is Bandar Alyami.
Contact # 6179491994
Today 02/19/2015
At 1:30 pm
He was picking me to my home address
1925 commonwealth ave
Brighton, MA 02135
I lost my laptop Bag containing 2 laptop in Boston or metro cab on 16th feb, When i was travelling from Boston logan Airport Terminal 5 (3.00 pm ) to Longwood Medical Area(3.30 pm).
Please help me out, my laptop contains very important data.
Ankit Thakur
I left my phone today in taxi number 200. The journey was from Logan airport to the Union Club hotel at 8 Park Street.
Please can you contact the driver urgently to see if it was handed in.
You can reach me at room 21 617 227 0589
Chris Dimmick
i lost a wallet there are aroud1000dollar and a golden visa card in the waller. i drive from downtown to 74 raymond avenue at 10 pm 2015/1/31 if u found it plz send the email to thank you
Left red Kate spade wallet in white and green cab last night appx 2:20 am. (Brahmin lounge to north end) Please contact
I was in a minivan cab last night and left a pair of Coach glasses in their case in the cab. The cab went from the Boston common to Melrose, MA
If found please contact Nicole Dunn at
Thank you!
Lost a wallet last night it's brown and name inside is Brendan Burke dropped off in south boston on o street
I left my phone in a boston cab on friday night around 12am. i was leaving the jazz bar called wally’s and going to stoneholm st in boston. it was a black iPhone 6 with a screen saver of my boyfriend
Hi. I was in one of your cabs last night and left my wallet in there. It's a black Kate spade wallet. If it's found please contact me at 791-507-5973. My name is Rebecca McGrath.
Thank you.
I lost a black bag in a van in Dec.25. I tool this van from Boston Airport and the destination is Boston Ave in Medford. It is a white van, and the fee was 50. The driver should remember me because I withdraw the cash from the ATM near the destination.
There is a large black laptop and two sweaters in the handbag. That laptop is extremely important to me because I put all my university paper and schedule in it. Please help me to find it! my phone number is 5303027981 Thank you! Zeqing Fu.
Left bag in taxi from Logan to Babcock street
Took taxi Tuesday night at 9. Has two check books. Book,charger and plane ticket for dec 16th. Call Steve at 617-834-4401
I left my wallet in a Boston cab last night December 5th.

Carl Kenney 339-927-3920

Please contact me if the wallet was turned in.

Took a cab from Chestnut Hill to Weston after 10pm on DEc 4th 2014. Left black purse with money and cards on back seat.

Many thks
Lisa Astley-Sparke
At around 2am, Sat. Nov 22nd, I left my iPhone 5 in the backseat of a cab going from the theatre district downtown to Waltham. It is a white iPhone in a purple and blue case. Please contact me: or (818)635-4562
Thank you
Jody Bonhard
I left my wallet in a Red Cab taxi taken from the Brookline Village stop on the green line at 3am on 11/16/14. It was the only cab at the stop at the time. The wallet contains a charlie card, a new york driver's license, and some old concert tickets.
Wallet (with school ID, driver’s license, credit cards) left in cab going from Harvard square (on mass av turning into brattle st) to Bentley University in Waltham (Thursday night 11/13 11:05PM). White car, looked like a police car.
I just left my entire purse in a cab. I took it from Downtown Crossing to L street Tavern in South Boston. I paid cash. PLEASE contact me!! 617 780 14 10. Library book was in there too.
I lost my samsung galaxy s4 in a life proof case 11/8 around 11pm. No idea what cab company it was. I left India st downtown and took a cab to southie. Please help me find it!!!
Lost Wallet in Taxi around 2 am coming from TD gardens to Symphony area. Blue Marc Jacobs wallet with keys attached inside is a Maryland ID Kathryn Rogers
Hi I lost my pedometer, a Fitbit one, in a Boston Independence taxi going from the South End (corner of Tremont and W. Concord) to One Kendall Square. It was on 10/31 at 11:45AM. Just checking in case anyone found it. Thanks.
I believe I left my wallet in taxi 1265 on Thursday night 10/30 around 2 am. The wallet has my ID in it so it should be pretty easy to identify it. Please let me know if there is anyway I can retrieve this wallet.
Thank you,
Mallory Mouradjian
Lost jacket
Hi we took a can from the apple store on boylston street to 89 Charles st around 8:40pm today, Saturday 11/1. We left a blue polo zip up jacket in the backseat.
Lost phone 11/1/ 1:30
I took a can home on early Saturday morning. Got picked up at 1016 Comm Ave and dropped off at 700 Comm Ave at around 1:30 am. The total came to $6.40. Is there any way I can retrieve it?
Thanks for your help,
Hi, took a taxi from Cambridge square to St Botolph St, via micro centre, on Saturday night, we were a family with two children and pram. Left my brown Kipling bag in the back, which has phone, iPad and camera.
lost my blue and white river island purse in a taxi Wednesday night at around 2am in a taxi from outside Hard Rock Cafe to Parker hill avenue Mission Hill. It contain my Irish passport (Annmarie Majella Bracken), Irish debit cards, etc.
Hi i left my wallet yesterday in cab 0279 at 3:33! I have the receipt. thanks!
Best & Thanks,
I am Rudolf from Switzerland
We left on October 14, 2014 at approx. 6 pm in a Boston Cab driving from Boston Logan to Taj Hotel a black shoulder bag with strap containing cameras, travelling documents, cell phone Samsung, clothing items
Lost pair of camo Costas sunglasses in cab 0506 this am
Hector Guzman
Lost ID in a metro cab taxi
i study in the ef college in brighton friday 10/10/14 and i lost my ID of the school. Is there a way to find because is an important document. My Name is Silvia De Cesaris. Thank you
unfortunately I lost my cell phone in a taxi from downtown Boston to Everett (school st, Backpackers hostel), Friday night, around 3 am.
It is a black LG phone with a black cover.
I will be greatfull for any information.
Amit Mittelman
Left a black iPhone 4, no case, in a Boston Taxi on 10/4 around 7:30pm. Pick-up was Seaport. Drop-off was 911 Boylston. If you have any info on this, please call - 857-288-8429

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